Note from Rick DuFour, Educational Author and Consultant

There are few educators more knowledgeable about the Professional Learning Community process than Mark Boyer. His advocacy for that process has influenced educators in international schools throughout the world. Many international schools can be highly selective in choosing their student body and their staffs. Their consistently high results can lead to complacency. Mark, however, is less interested in general indicators of a school's achievement than he is in ensuring high levels of learning for ALL students.He understands that the educational model of the past will not prepare students for the future, and he can articulate the cultural shifts that must take place if schools are to become places committed to learning -both for students and the adults who serve them. Read his blog at if you are looking for insights into the necessary cultural shifts.

I am extremely grateful that Mark is such a passionate advocate of the Professional Learning Community process. I highly recommend him as someone who has the deepest understanding of that process - an understanding that can only come as a result of leading it in the real world of schools.

Note from Jay McTighe, Educational Author and Consultant

I have had the opportunity to work with Mark in conjunction with his leadership role at Singapore American School, one of the most extraordinary schools I have visited in the world. Simply put, Mark is an outstanding educator, combining broad vision, extensive experience, and strategic thinking needed to move from "good to great." He is a sophisticated systems thinker who also understands the human dimension of leading. During my 42+ years in education, I have worked with hundreds of capable leaders at the school, district, state/province and national levels. I can honestly say that Mark Boyer is one of the best!

Note from Joellen Killion, Senior Advisor for Learning Forward

Primary among Mark's assets is his innovative and critical thinking. He is committed to student success with rigorous curriculum with an international orientation that prepares students for success in the 21st century. He deeply understands how curriculum, assessment, professional learning, and cutting edge pedagogy combine to prepare students for success in in a global economy.

Note from Brent Mutsch, Head of School for American School of Dubai

Mark is a deeply committed and dedicated educator. As someone who has developed a comprehensive understanding of nearly all aspects of the KG-12th grade curricula, he possesses phenomenal depth of understanding specific to the essential learning that underpins multiple content areas. He successfully combines this understanding with great passion for developing the professional practice of educators and thus empower them to create powerful learning experiences for their students. I consider Mark to be one of the more significant influences in my own professional development.

Note from Carolyn Brunner, Director of International Graduate Programs at Buffalo State, SUNY

Mark is a preeminent leader in the field of education. He is a visionary who has inspired educators worldwide. Time and again, Mark has distinguished himself as a trustworthy, credible leader with a sincere sense of caring for everyone. His warmth, sense of humor, and dedication contribute greatly to making Mark an exemplary educational leader.

Note from John Butts, Superintendent for Medinah 11 School District in Illinois

Mark is a brilliant resource, leader and coach. He has a unique ability to understand a situation and present a plan or solution which is often outside of the box but right on the money. I have known Mark for nearly 30 years and trust his judgment implicitly. He is truly a "rare find."

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