About Dreamtime Leaders

Dreamtime Leaders is intended to be a place for imagining new possibilities and opportunities for educators committed to extraordinary educational experiences for students. An underlying theme is finding one's passion, calling, and authentic voice.

Dreamtime is known as a creation story of the Australian Aborigines, and their walkabout songlines are how they continue to manifest the world in which they and all others live. Similarly Dreamtime Leaders is an opportunity to pursue a walkabout in new and experimental directions, and to open the conversations for others to collaboratively construct what may have merit.

In the spirit of John Dewey, education is not a preparation for life, but rather life itself. In the spirit of Yeats, education is not the filling of a pail but rather the lighting of the fire. The Dreamtime is a respect for all those who have gone before us, all who are here, and all who are yet to come.

Dreamtime is intended to become the new stories that need to be told for the unfolding of a compassionate and wise world.  Dreamtime is about discovering the "original medicine" of the Native Americans that understands the importance of diverse members of the tribe in collectively having something important to bring forward for the healing and well-being of the tribe.

Ultimately, Dreamtime is about the service we provide in support of all children finding their way in this world where their gifts and passions can be fully realized.

Mark R. Boyer
Twitter:  mboyer1
Email:  mboyer888@gmail.com

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